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We are the premier automatic swimming pool cover distributor and service provider in the upper Midwest. Located in Holmen, WI, we sell and service covers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. We sell Automatic Pool Covers (APC) brand covers and service everything else.365   Picture Installation Guide

365   Picture Installation Guide
Backlit touch pad for easy day/night usage

With a 4-digit code on your touch pad, your pool cover opens in 30 seconds and is ready for you and your family to enjoy. No more lugging heavy, dirty covers around! Automatic pool covers protect the investment of your inground pool, ensure the safety of your children and pets, extend the pool season by retaining heat, prevent debris from entering the pool, reduce the number of chemicals needed for maintenance, and reduce evaporation.

A study by the US Department of Energy has found that the heat loss is dramatically decreased with the use of a pool cover. Depending on your geographical location, the savings could be significant throughout each swimming season. On average, you’ll recuperate your investment in just a few years.

Automatic Pool Cover
On-Demand Fun: An automatic pool cover opens and closes in as little as 30 seconds

Click here to view a YouTube video to see how easy it is to close your automatic pool cover.

Because our customers are primarily located in the Midwest, we use statistics obtained from Chicago, IL, estimating a five-month swim season. According to www.energysavers.gov, our customers save an estimated $2,152 annually by simply covering their pools. Figures are based on a 1,000 square foot, outdoor pool heated with an 80 percent efficient natural gas heaters at 50 cents per therm.