Wiring Instructions

AC Requirements*

Pull three (3) 12 gauge wires to the motor side of the recessed box. Pull a hot, a neutral and an unbroken green ground from the panel to a standard J-Box. The power source should be on a 20 amp dedicated GFCI breaker.

Follow all national and local codes regarding wire size, grounding and connectors. A #8 AWG solid copper bond wire must be provided for grounding the AutoGuard® System. This bonding wire will be attached to the AutoGuard® frame.

NOTE: 36” Bonding wire should be at both ends of the box.

Electrical Requirements

Remote Location Key Switch

A ¾” conduit needs to be connected from the motor side of the recessed box to the key switch location. The ¾”conduit going into the recessed box should junction into a standard J-Box. The key switch location must be located in full view of the pool, at least five (5) feet above ground level. Five (5) #22 stranded wires must be provided from the key switch to the cover box.

Parts Required

(2) ¾” J-Box

(3) – 12 AWG Wires from the Power Panel

(5) – 22 AWG (minimum) Wires from Key switch Location

 *All steps above should be performed by a licensed electrician. This information is provided specifically as a resource to help pool builders communicate with their electrical subcontractors. Homeowners should never attempt these steps on their own.